Christian Commitment to Care

CRISTA has a rich history of reaching the world for Jesus Christ and continues to do so through a variety of ministries. Whether in Independent Living, Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Care, you will find employees dedicated to prayer and committed to coming alongside you or a loved one during the aging process. Christian care is more than just a weekly Bible Study.

At CRISTA Senior Living, exercising faith includes praying with our residents, church services, vespers, communion, chaplain visits, intergenerational prayer, missions outreach, mentoring, and taking into careful consideration the faith needs of each person. Here you will even find many of our residents leading spiritual activities and volunteering across campus. 

CRISTA Senior Living is passionate about excellence in care. This includes hiring trained professionals in the field of Senior Living who share our mission of Loving God by Serving People.  Professional expertise, mixed with a commitment and accountability to our Creator, sets CRISTA employees apart from other organizations. Our staff are well-trained and treat each person with care and dignity, bringing joy and purpose to the lives of seniors.

"My job here is more than just a job—it's a calling that the Lord led me to. Working at CRISTA is a delight. It's my extended family. The difference between driving for metro and driving for CRISTA, is that here, it's a Christian atmosphere. It's natural to show love and respect."
Pete Steen, Senior Living's Personal Chauffeur
"I like absorbing the wisdom of our residents as they share their life stories."
Amanda Peterson, Nursing Center Life Enrichment
"I enjoy my part in the rehabilitation process because it is very rewarding to help someone get back to their life following an illness or surgery. Often times, it can be very daunting to face recovery on your own. We are skilled at coming along side of you."
Georgia Quick, Director of Rehabilitation